Listen to your Supports

You may think your Support talks too much, or can sometimes be a bit abrasive, but you must understand this! Your Support is watching everything while you concentrate on farming and laning. When your Support tells you that you have absolute vision control over an objective, take his/her word for it and bloody go. Yesterday, for every single one of my games, I could guarantee my team a free Baron because I knew it hadn't been warded since I had gained vision control a few minute earlier. The opposing team had been elsewhere on the map, and the Baron was completely unprotected. No, I'm not brainlessly calling objectives because I think we simply have vision control. I'm calling it due to a number of reasons. Most of all being that we have vision control, have a numbers advantage due to a significant number of opponent showing at bot, their Teleport is down, our team being objective melters - or a combination of factors. In summary, LISTEN TO YOUR SUPPORTS. They're the shot-callers. You're nothing without them. You may be mechanically sound, but when it comes to macro, your support has the best idea of what is happening. It's so frustrating when you're talking to yourself as support. UPDATE: Oh, yeah, and more often than not, the Support is actually the most mechanically sound as well :P
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