I don't play badly, My team does and that effects me and the match.

Anyone else agree? sick and tired of this one sided fucking matchmaking system its beyond a joke. I lose over 50% of the games I play because of other players and their "shit excuses" can we please get someone to acknowledge how bad the normals and aram matchakimg is and get a rioter to adress it becausr this "players are lobbied with you based of your mmr" bullshit is like i just said,Bullshit if a player is the same mmr as me I expect them to be good not 5/10 at 15 minutes this is a fucking video game and you're doing everything to stop people from having fun. don't bother looking through my match history to talk shit because as soon as my team do streight trash I give up and don't bother doing anything in the match because its pointless.
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