Champion Sona: Very weak on burst damage and teamfights

I played {{champion:37}} for last season 7 to 9 where she is burst-y enough in early games but right now that nerf on Sona damage wasn't as lethal than Janna's W. Instead she is very weak when fallen behind because her low defenses but maxing her shields doesn't cover up all other burst damage. Her early game was to poke champions as much as possible but if champions that has heals and shields that is lower than her cd are neglated her dmg and i don't think she will be picked in the future. She most likely be stayed in the shadows for fun than playing as her. {{champion:37}} is a champion to poke on enemies as much in the early than receiving high cc on others that causes her death so quickly. For example, {{champion:111}} can throw a full combo on Sona if you aren't standing behind minions or being pushed back because adc is close up. At this point, she will be dead in 3 seconds and falls behind on exp so quickly and lead enemy bot lane ahead. Sona players are aggressive than passive if they can play their Qs correctly. However in mid if she is not ahead consider her damage to enemy is about not even close to 20 to enemy's who are mages, adcs and ad champions. I assure you won't be surprise if this is playable until you counter hard cc against bot lane but rune that can help her isn't efficient on pokes like Aery but work on Shielding.
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