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So, in PB, I had my savage rant about how people really need to stop int feeding (but that won't happen, lets be realistic). Anyways, Ima give yall tips that hopefully understand since everyone thinks int feeding wins games. Ward; Can't stress this enough. Looking at you ADCs. Why you specifically? Because you seem to think that going right up to the enemy turret and fighting the enemy team is a smart idea. WRONG. Ward it and don't push too far ahead. You will get ganked. You will get killed. And everyone will flame you. And hate you more than they already to. You need to be able to retreat to a safe spot and be able to fight under YOUR turret (not theres, there turret isnt going to focus them). Jungler, help ward lanes, its not hard. I get its rocket science but still. ADCs, help ward the river for your support. Don't use the "BUT MUH SUPPURTZ JEWB". Its not just the supports job anymore and you start with a warding trinket. 1+1, guys. Not rocket science Gank; Jungler, Mid. AFK farming = bad idea. You're letting your team down. Mid, if you're against someone who roams, you have 3 options. A - Roam to counter gank your roaming laner. B - Roam to gank the opposite lane. You can help your team a lil bit that way. C - Shove your lane and take that turret. You are alone, there is nothing to worry about. Good chance their junglers helping with that gank. Really depends how you are going. If you're behind, take advantage of this time and shove yo lane hard so you can roam and leech off other lanes later, you'll catch up. You even? Go gank the other lane, you'll have help from top or mid. Ahead? Go counter gank that roam, shut their roamer down and then shut that lane riiiiiiiiiiiiight the hell down. Jungler, gank. AFK farming all game isn't going to win you the game. I'm not seeing many ganks from you guys, all most at all. I have a higher chance of winning the lottery than getting a gank from you guys a good 99% of the time. Also not seeing you guys gank lanes as a whole much. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBO (whether its alone or solo); Fun fact guys, did you know that melee champs such as Tryn, Diana, Yorick for example can stack Sej E. It's true. If you guys EVER get a Sej on your team, and IF she ganks (yeah, big if I know) help her stack up her E so she can get off a stun and deal a nice chunk of damage. Yes children, her E is a stun. If you have a support that can combo of their own skills (Brand E Q W, Leo E Q W Ulti Q, Vieg E W Q/ E Q W), good chance they can finish the enemy for them, giving you a kill, and them an assist and gold. Healers; Fun fact. Theres healers in the game. Yeah, I know its a shock to a lot of you. Ya know how often I've come across people that did not believe Nami OR Soraka had a heal inbuilt to their kit? Almost EVERY. GOD. DAMN. GAME. ADCs, go for them. You need to kill them otherwise you're letting them deal damage while you do nothing to them. They are outhealing the damage you're "dealing". Supports, IF you see one of the enemy teams have a healer, get CC. Keeping healers CC'd enough so your ADC can pop them so you can turn and beat stick the enemy ADC is pretty important. ADCs (again), get an item that inflicts grievous wounds. It reduces healing. Reducing healing against healers = good. Enemy healers = bad. They are not going to heal you. Because apparently this needs to be said. I have no idea why people do not know this from all the playing that needs to be done pre-ranked. ADCing; Including this because I'm a support main. I get there's a little selfishness in there, but hear me out on this one. Most ADC's I've been getting have the firm belief that roaming early will win a game. Well, you're both right and wrong. Roaming early is ok so long as you have that much of a lead. If you are losing like all hell, don't go roaming, you're just gonna feed other lanes or their jungler. Don't be going full twat because you got destroyed as hell and wanna make it harder for everyone else. Ya know how uncool that is? HINT; VERY. That's all the tips I can think of. But the only one that I can not stress enough is the ADCs going WAY WAY WAY too far unwarded then flaming everyone because they didn't think something through. Drop more tips for people. Dunno bout half you guys, but clearly people need the help since 1+1 is advanced mathematics for people.
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