RIOT why we need surrender in AI GAME?

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Dear Riot: I played a terrible game today and i have to tell you the AI games is uncomfortable now . I play AI game and pick Annie. i joined the game then found 3 scripts or third-party programs teammate, and they feed all the time. whatever, the last one guy is rookie he lag and dc when 25 min. well, i try to carry this game and i almost. why is almost.. coz my bot teammates surrender in 29 min.. god. 3/1 and i lose this game... {{summoner:3}} and this is the only lose game in my 380 AI game played. After we don't have level limited , more and more scripts player join the AI game. And they Initiated the surrender after 20 min. I am disappointed all my effort lost because the surrender system. Now. It's time to make some change. I suggest Riot can modify surrender system in AI GAME. why we need to surrender in a AI game? Plz delete it. or set to 5/0 pass surrender. ( i don't want someone lose the AI game like me, It's really bad ) There are two types bots now One is jungle bot, they take {{summoner:7}} and{{summoner:11}} . they always pick {{champion:202}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:22}} they stay in jungle all the game. they build {{item:3153}} another one is feed bot. they always buy {{item:1001}} at start and make some terrible to real player. If I cant end the game before 20 min, they will try to surrender. and it will pass because its 4/1 i know is hard to ban all scripts and third-party programs player. But I don't think surrender still useful in AI game now and it help them end the game faster then join the other game. if we can't surrender , 5 bots team will spend a long time in game and lose, then easy to ban them all. PLEASE CHANGE IT. WE DONT WANT SURRENDER IN AI GAME ! ! and I don't want to lose because I got four bot teammate!
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