Why is ranked in this region so messed up?

I've recently moved to the OCE servers from EUW after playing for several years. I feel like my roster of champs is pretty wide and have always managed to obtain atleast gold in previous seasons, minus a year or so break from the game. Since moving here, I feel like im finally experiencing "Elo Hell". Every single game without fail, I have an afk on my team, someone who starts the game off swearing and shouting obscenities, someone who has watched a nightblue video and thinks they can soraka jungle for the first time. I give up positions for people, I help others in the best way possible. Whenever I actually put effort into the game, it's always a loss. Every single one of my performances are usually an A or S, yet I still get punished outrageously for having bad teams or afks. Ive been demoted twice in one day and I don't understand the match up system here. It always feels like I have a team full of bronze elo players who are new to the game and this wouldn't be a problem, except we end up getting matched against plats and high golds. My team gets trashed, without fail. And no matter how well I play, it's impossible to carry now. The new turrets, the new runes... It makes it so difficult to solo carry. Any tips on how to persevere?
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