Stop killing ad/ap sion

Im a simple man, when i play my main (Sion) i want to do damage. i don't care about building tank when i play Sion, i almost exclusively build full ap/ad Sion. Im concerned the riot balance team is pigeon holing my champion into a very specific play-style, that of a tank. It's becoming apparent to me that no one on the balance team shares my views on this champion (a champion ive spent 3 years playing). If tank Sion is the issue, i think the nerfs to tank Sion are causing far to much collateral damage to his other play styles. When i play ap Sion jg i have to build 98.6 ap, just to break even with what last patches e was doing. In patch 8.8 when riot acknowledged that tank Sion was an issue, they cited that his e was the reason for his lane dominance...and so proceeded to nerf his q. As stated by riot this was their attempt to get players to max q first. These changes worry me as a long time Sion player. these nerfs make me very nervous for the future of my champion. How long will it be before the champion i fell in love with is reduced to a knuckle dragging tank, with no depth or diverse play styles. p.s can you just give us back storm raiders surge. no one likes phase rush.
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