I would appreciate assistance getting better at League please

I have recently returned to league after a year off due to no PC/laptop and have found myself lacking in a few places. Prior to my "departure" I climbed from bronze 4 to gold 3 as a support main playing {{champion:267}} and {{champion:40}} with {{champion:90}} and {{champion:55}} being thrown in for good measure. I was unable to play ADC then and I am unable to now also, largely due to the fact I am very passive and can not kite to save my life. I am heavily reliant on the support and my average farm is 50 within the first 10 minutes (I aim for 100 within 20) I also can not seem to grasp how to play assassins and I am wondering - how do I improve? Support is always my fall back option and my goal this season is to hit plat, however I feel like being a support main won't get me there. I find the role safe as the mentioned champions and can easily play {{champion:89}} or {{champion:201}} need be. I want to be able to get out of my comfort zone and play new lanes (currently I am playing more jungle than usual and {{champion:111}} top which is interesting) I have used the practice tool but due to the fact you don't actually face anyone I don't find it helpful (sorry Riot). Is there anyone who would be able to play with me and/or advise me where I am going wrong or how to play specific champs? I really need to learn top laners as well as learn how to play or outplay them ({{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:122}} mostly) as I feel the prementioned 4 have a high ban/outplay rate and I would love to be able to play them. How do I get better in general? I know when to go in and when not too etc (so essentially the basics) but I feel like I lack the ability to carry games outside of my comfort zone. The following champs are ones I would like to learn to play (as well as the 4 top laners) 1. {{champion:238}} 2. {{champion:67}} 3. {{champion:119}} 4. {{champion:245}} 5. {{champion:142}} 6. {{champion:6}} 7. {{champion:145}} 8. {{champion:164}} 9. {{champion:58}} 10. {{champion:84}} I'd appreciate any feedback you may have. All the best on the rift fellow summoners!
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