How to ACTUALLY climb out of bronze

I'll be giving you some tips about climbing out of bronze. These tips got me from low bronze to high bronze in a week. 1. Do not EVER play on tilt. Your brain processes thinks differently in different states, when you are "tilted" your brain can't process as fast concluding in poor choices. 2. Don't play with the meta. Don't look at a champion who is currently in the meta and play/main them, chances are that you're going to get camped to keep you down under control. 3. Avoid duo (unless you have good synergy + voice Comms). I recently duod a lot with one person, we did Skype sometimes although I found that my performance declined as we played more and more. This certain person gave up easily and I took habbit of this. I stoped played and started climbing. 4. Find someone you actually enjoy playing. Find a champ that appeals you and doesn't get boring or repetitive after 10 or 15 games. 5. Don't watch LCS, OPL, Worlds or any other competition to learn. Watch something lower like plat-diamond. My next tip works well with me but unsure if it will for you. So after I play a champ for around 20 games I get bored of that champ and my performance turns to shit, so when you get bored of that champ try someone knew out and experiment.
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