Dear Rito.... Plz fkin fix this

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Brofresco has found a way to make the ultimate last permanently... ik this is an exaggeration but the fact that this exists speaks volumes about how it affects game play in matches. ADC are either popped or rendered useless against this new xin who can already be built tanky and hard to kill, even tank champions are going to have a difficult time... for the sake of balance issues even i can't do anything to peel him off as a thresh support main. My ADC is either dead or flashed then dead before i can do a thing to extend his/her life even a small increment. Yes this can be chalked up to lack of skill and i acknowledge the fact that i'm unskilled but ffs at least the old xin was situational and only very disruptive in the early game but now he's broken every stage of the game... even more so due to the leathal tempo rune.... look I know you'll balance this in future or at least provide an avenue to circumvent this but still, just wanted to bring this to your attention... thx{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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