Twisted Treeline Funneling Feedback

Hi everyone, Meddler posted this in the [NA Dev Corner]( as part of his Quick Gameplay Thoughts series to outline the quandary over gold funneling and Twisted Treeline, but I'm duplicating it here as we really want to get the Oceanic TT player perspective on the matter. We'll be passing your feedback on to Meddler so see below and let us know what you think! *** **Twisted Treeline** 8.14 has nerfs to gold funnelling on SR. We kept those nerfs out of TT however for that patch since we didn't want to add it last minute without enough consideration and at least some TT specific bug testing. 8.15's a possibility however, and to help us understand whether we should add the gold funnelling penalty would be great to get a bunch of feedback from you folks. What would be particularly helpful here: A clear for or against position on the gold funnelling penalty on TT Some context on how much TT you've played and when (links to match history, boards posts with longer thoughts as potential examples) To explain the second point one concern we've got is that when we talk about gold funnelling on TT a lot of voices in the discussion seem to be well meaning people who don't actually play TT. Intent there seems to be good, but we're particularly looking for feedback from people with a lot of experience on the map since their experience will change the most with any changes we make.
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