Preseason patch feedback

Alrighty, so I've done a few games today and of the few i've done it's been pretty apparent that mostly the new assassins seem to be doing what they intended, however I feel that there are a couple that still need to be looked at. Rengar is probably one of my personal hates in this new patch. He's just as bursty as he ever was, and if hes close by, you barely get any warning at all before you're seeing grey. Now to go a little deeper, his ulti seems to be even less visually noticable when things are actually getting crazy because the ! over your head seems to be gone now and you just get a dark aura around you. If this was a little more visible I'd be okay but currently it's a little easy to miss when playing some champs with things like sunfire, or shields. His q changes haven't made him any less frustrating to verse either since now can he not only waveclear like a champ, but it feels exactly the same to get hit by it. Katarina feels like shes a little on the weak side. I found myself throwing my daggers and they'd end up right where I didn't want to be. Really close to the enemy, early on where my face felt like it was made of paper. Later on it felt like all her kit had been slowed down dramatically, other than shunpo. The daggers were taking too long to hit the ground, and the ult was attacking way to slowly to actually burst people out before I took either stuns to the face, get bursted out myself by the crazier burst of the likes of rengar, or just plainly not doing enough damage before the enemy walked away, even when I had built full ap. And lastly we have shaco. I found he was in a decent place, but I found that I just could not for the life of me target him. The one I was fighting against was popping ult and invising at the same time, with no delay saying that was what he did. Needless to say all I saw was a puff of orange to tell me the one I was attacking was now a clone, but at times it was easy to miss. (PS: There also seems to be a bug when fighting against elise where it spams your chat with "RESPONDING TO AGGRESSION - AI7" or whatever the code is. I think it's a feedback thing from her spiderlings when you attack her)
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