Ideas for League of legends to be a fresh, better game

I think it's time for big changes for this 9-year old-square map-3 lanes to come, make it stand out from the MOBA crowd, a reason to prefer this MOBA game to battle royals or MMOs, yes i'm talking about upgrading this map(again) to another level! it's near 2019 now, league should catch up the era with more physic effects! The map style rework has been done constantly in 2010-2015 period and achieved successes but since then, no major touches appear anymore. The game has reached it's 9th year and being seriously lack of unique depths compare to other MOBA competitors. Every MOBA can exploit it's own heroes depth, art styles, but beyond that is it's unique mechanics. Talk about mechanic, it IS the essential element for a game to whether be chosen or not by players. For example: in a SAME Billiards board, there are so many games with their own rules to serve their own players; each game stand out from each other because players find unique interesting points in those rules called GAME. Now come back to the story, this game is now only focused on it's champion pool, like an old game involved by a 52 card-deck and trying to make more cards beyond 10s, kings, or aces. Why not change something beside the cards? why not exploit other elements like it's own environment-the map? Now comes the map-the playground for all champions around since the beginning: it has so many potentials to make the game itself be more interesting, encourage players to use their creativity to explore the map not just the heroes. Good individuals(heroes, champions, ...) would be enough for a reason to make a player stay in the game, but a good map with many mysteries laying there will boost every single champion's attraction toward players, Each of their matches will be a unique, fresh experience with their favorite champion rather than a same old game they grind day after day with no real purpose. It's like they will be playing their champion in a MMO environment, with endless secrets waiting to be uncovered if i have to describe. So, with those reasons i have made, it is very important to take changes to the map right now as you can see. And here are some of my suggestions: 1. Make weather changes that fit each elemental dragons when they come and stay, and end when they are defeated, sounds fun huh? for example like "snow" to cloud dragon, "rain" to water dragon, "sunny" to fire dragon, and "thunderstorm" to elder dragon. And of course they will affect some champions abilities like pokemon lol! for example rain will enlarge Ivern bushes(or snow will shrink them), and it will make the river bigger! maybe add a small earthquake whenever elder dragon or Baron comes. And don't worry about clarity, even you put those champions in a combat with absolute black background it still looks as chaotic as before, but with less epicness. 2. Bushes! ahhh one of the most unique, interesting, revolutionary element that this game deliver to players that even inspire other games to have them! why don't we take it to the next level? like make the jungle bigger, with small wooden towers and narrow bridges that create great ambushes beside from bushes, that will be much more fun! 3. Make some old building ruins like abandoned towers that champions can climb up and down, connect to bridges cross over the trees in jungle(like tree houses, people loveee tree houses), some gate-like natural structure made by rocks, trunks, etc. together with more distinctive color range(like purple, brown old tower roofs, lamps, ...) rather than just greeny grass overwhelming the map, all of these changes can make this game's theme more mysterious, ancient fairy tale-like that can even bring the old League feeling back to veteran players! and ... wait for it ... tunnels! short tunnels that can be under a bridge, inside a trunk that can hide sneaky champions to help their ganks or escapes look artfully! 4. Last but not least, to let the map be more "interactivable" some champions should have passives that can take advantage of the new terrain, whether, or even manipulating them! for example ranged or archer champions can have wider attack range when on towers, bridges, or champions with explosive abilities that will increase damage when detonate in tunnels, or champions like Maokai, Ivern will have HP regen increase when it's raining! With all those suggestions i mentioned, i hope i may contribute a small part to this wonderful game so it can live much longer, grow greater and stay forever in the heart of players. The last question is, why i support this game more than any other MOBA i have played? because i have played this game since a long time ago(2012) and i have so many good memories with it, the developers really dream big, take risk, and i cherish this game's cartooness, jaunty art style that can challenge, compete any other ultra realistic games of the same genre, it looked like a truly mythical fairy world where nice dreams were born from, a place that worthy to be the battlefield for champions from all corners of the world comes and fights(the current map is fine but it lost it's old charm, you know?). Together, i believe we can make Summoner's Rift great again! we players deserve it! :))
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