How do you cope harassment in ranked?

I know ranked games are tough and I could barely survived my ten games to know my rank as my friend advised to complete it. One thing I noticed though is like people pay attention to your spells like if they see you take heal or to they would harass you Head for being a noob and verbally abuse the entire game. Although I would not discount the fact that there are really good players who recognizes that you are a noob and guide you through God bless them. But it’s just so painful Playing ranked sometimes being verbally abused and tbh I have cried maybe twice playing ranked haha and specially when they know you are a girl playing they would hate you for playing ranked... but I guess there should room for people like me to try ranked for how else you would get better if you won’t brave it up... but oh my lord... god bless their souls these abusers. And thank you riot for notifying me that the one I reported for shouting at me as asian got penalized. So much appreciated!
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