Call me racist call me rude but... time I get someone in my team who is only speaking in Chinese/Korean/Japanese/etc I'm going to report them for refusing to communicate with a note pointing out to Riot what server they should be on. If they actually live in Australia/New Zealand they can make the effort to learn basic English. Quoted from LoL wiki > Players can also switch their language preference, in the following servers: > > Brazil: Only Portuguese > EU Nordic & East: English, Polish, Romanian and Greek > EU West: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian > Latin America North: Only Spanish > Latin America South: Only Spanish > North America: Only English > Oceania: Only English > Russia: Only Russian > Turkey: Only Turkish If the client for a region doesn't support the language you speak, you either need to learn the basics of the language(s) that it DOES support, or find a server that supports your native language. Riot and the likes of Garena do their best to make severs locally available to players in as much of the world as possible. If you live in New Zealand or Australia and you know enough basic English to get by in a game of LoL USE IT. It's just rude to never ping and then start talking in a non-supported language. At least use pinyin or its equivalent so that it's not just a mass of foreign characters.
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