Help me 🤤

So I took a 3 year break from lol and on return I suck so much. I played a ton in preseason season 4 and peaked at plat 3 however took a break and decayed to gold 3 that season. Have only just returned to league last week and suck so much. (During this time i let my brother play on my account as I had no need for it) I even played on my smurf (20ish games) and am at 9 wins 12 losses. I feel like I don't know what half these otems are now with all these reworks. Buffs and nerfs make champions I was comfortable on seem so foreign. I'm going to try hard this season so I'm sure I will improve. Just feels bad going even in lane with bronze players when I remember crushing them 2 years ago. Have been trting to one trick tahm kench top but he feels very clunky and slow. Thinking I may one trick dianna. Thoughts and advice guys?
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