Why the new Talon is 'healthier' than the old Talon

Most people have been saying that the new Talon is 'broken' and OP. I would beg to differ. As a Talon main of the old Talon and the new Talon, I can prove to you why the new Talon is better [Q] Old Talon: An auto attack reset that dealt bonus damage and also had a 5 sec bleed New Talon: In melee, crits for modified damage. In normal range, dashes to target [W] Old Talon: Throws 3 blades in a cone that come back after max range. New Talon: Throws 3 blades in a cone that come back after **a 1 second delay** [E] Old Talon: A blink behind a target that slows them by 99% for 1 second and amplifies your damage to that target by % New Talon: Parkour [R] Pretty much the same, just more blades [Passive] Old Talon: Does 10% more damage to enemies that have been CCed New Talon: A three hit passive (very original) The old Talon was pretty more broken than our current one as he could E onto you, activate Q and then auto. As the E slowed you and Q does bonus damage **AND** your damage against the target is amplified, you could just chunk half their health and finish them off with W. The new Talon actually needs planning. You need to know when to proc your passve, where to reposition when the W and most importantly, they can't double tap their R like the old Talon and one shot you. Talon has far more counterplay now but he still has the snowballing as the old Talon did so don't feed him
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