Need to improve but stuck 9n how

so i started playing s6 i got b5 took awhile to get b3 then end of s6 my pc broke, only fixed it around february, back then i literally had no idea about anything only game i really played before this was cod on xbox 360 lol, so i just had the attitude of the more i play the better i get, which isnt entirely wrong but definitely not best way to get better. so now ive focused on certain areas like csing, warding better, watching map, laning positioning, trading, poking etc im a mid main, and support secondary its all still bad though as im s4 having been demoted from s3 recently. i find my biggest issue is i have no idea how to play my teams comp into the enemy teams comp, or even how to identify what the comps of each team are. my fav mid laner is azir but the issue is if i dont get ahead early i fall way to far behind due to either others coming to same lane and taking cs, or lanes being to pushed, or enemy is pushing, i find that almost always if i dont carry we have no carry, sometimes ill get carried which is fine, just means i needed to play better. but sometimes i will be doing well and say my bott lane and top both die early a few times as azir im unsure what to do, as im so weak early and they are ahead being silver elo i cant really rely or trust a 2v3 if they are already feeding or 2v1 if top so what should i do? at the moment ive tried playing for late game but most the time we have no engage or tank and we are versing 2 tanks etc so team fights they die i try to hold lanes and defend but i get dived and burst under tower, i try split push and get flamed for not grouping, i try to rotate and shove outer lanes to get gold and apply small bits of pressure but team will fight and die im not saying by any means at all im not making mistakes its very clear i am, i just dont know what or how to stop/improve or how to play against or with team comps i know playing low skill cap champs is ez but id still run into comp problems and with easy champs i feel like im not really playing the game and find it less enjoyable ive watched a few replays of my games and honestly most the time im sitting there questioning myself why the hell did i do that? erm why arnt you doing this? but in game im oblivious to these things until after, even if i halve my mistakes id improve massively but idk how to stop or improve them? like atm its pretty easy to get 130-172cs at 20min for me but yeh i need help my in game name is GTHC Mia Khalifa if you want to me
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