Two simple rune pages for Bronze support

After a lot of experimentation I've found two simple rune pages that work well for a good range of supports in Bronze. **Page 1 - Utility Support** marks = 9 Armor seals = 9 HP glyphs = 9 scaling-CDR quints = 3 scaling-MP5 _As a utility support you have "binary" powers that if you can cast them at all do most of the job they're intended to do, like Nami or Morgana's Q. The marks and seals synergise and the glyphs and quints synergise. This sheet works well for Janna, Morgana and Nami. CDR is more valuable than MR in bot because you will be against an ADC who will most of the time deal more physical than magical. At 18 you could have too much CDR, but as a support you generally won't see 18: 10% CDR is the goal. The scaling on the suggested runes is acceptable for a support because they have decent scaling ratios against flat (much other scaling is bad on a support because the ratio with flat is not good enough and you won't get sufficient levels early enough in the game)._ **Page 2 - Tank Support** marks = 9 Armor seals = 9 HP glyphs = 9 MR quints = Armor _As a tank support you need to be able to stand up to their ADC. More HP isn't so helpful because they won't all-in you when you are on high HP, only when you are on low. You must also consider your HP regen time: more HP takes longer to regen. You could take HP5 but these suffer from a problem that they won't regen you quicker than opponents will deal damage to you i.e. HP5 can only help you after the fight, not during. The damage mitigation from armor is a solid option and scales well as you gain more HP from items. These runes work well on Blitz and Braum_ I'm posting these because for anyone who wants to main support the above runes could represent efficient buys.
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