How to counter MF-Xerath?

I just played a game against MF / Xerath as Caitlyn. Only came accross this once b4 in a ranked game. Now I had a Fiiddlesticks Support. So I pointed out that they outranged us and out DPS'd us. Said we should just play safe and hope the other two lanes could carry. Asked to play safe and he kept trying to trade. You can imagine the outcome? The game degenerated into a troll-fest. We just ended up flaming each other in the all-chat. Now he ended up going 2-12. But because I was zoned off so easily my CS score was pathetic. I still think he cost us the game. But my job as an ADC is to farm and ultimately, I failed. So instead of just blaming my teammates (even if deserved), what could I have done? Any thoughts / advice?. (Its kinda similar to a mêlée ADC) What should I have done?
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