Ranked not serious enough bronze - silver

Hello, Iv been experiencing the rough climb out of bronze as many others have as well and what iv been noticing is in low level bronze it is much harder to climb when your team is not prepared or dose not really care about the ranked game and what it means to some other players. what i mean by this is people actually wanting to climb out like my self have to play games with people who just want to kid around. and i believe ranked is not a place to kid around. so my remedy to this is i believe you should only be able to play champions you have a mastery 4 and up for. That way it would make it very hard for people to play champions they don't know how to play on ranked you should have at least 6 champions above that mastery score to even play ranked at all. I take this game very seriously, i just want the people i play with in ranked to also to take it seriously.
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