New URF (since every it seems everyone hates the random version)

Instead of the ARURF everyone hates, how about creating a limit which prevents players from picking the same champion more than once every ten games, and allow bans on top of that? No-one likes your "random" (it definitely isn't random) champion assignment. No-one like running into the same bullshit champion five games in a row. The main reason the people I know who stopped playing after URF isn't because they aren't enjoying the game mode, or were worn out by it, it's because they finally got fed up with the complete ignorance expressed by the development team, who only listen to a few people bitching, and ignore the majority. Ask *all* your damn players, make a survey popup, we all know you can do it. Personally, if ARAM didn't exist, I wouldn't play this damn game at all. It's just not fun anymore to slog through a 40-50 minute Rift game to come out with nothing. And above all, if you don't change from ARURF, at least make the damn thing properly random.

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