Oceania Below Gold is The Most Toxic Server In The World

I played in China server before and I just created this account, and my gaming experience was absolutely terrible from level 1 to level 30. I've played in America server as well and I just feel like people don't talk shit as much as OCE player does, especially those silver people: for example: you banned the champ he want in draft mode (this happened to my friend when he was in silver), the player who's champ was banned by his teammate, just start to abuse my friend, saying horrible things throughout the entire game, in the game I feed the first blood accidentally, that player just turned on me and saying how to suck I am. I told him to STFU and he just comes top and feeds the enemy top laner. another example: I asked for the top in champ select, and I just chose riven with the spellbook so I can change to smite, what happened next was fucking insane, our support ADC and top all come to the top with me and feed like bronze players, when I was 2/1 level 7 my teammate was level 3 Kayel and AFK, level 4 Anivia... at the end they just stay in the base and blaming everyone Below gold in OCE was hell, you play games, 50% of the time you will be mad or tilt after the game, any way to solve this?
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