Nerf THIS, Not THAT!

It has been a long time coming where i and many other summoners would agree that there is a specific degree of "brokenness" that some champions would possess within the somewhat beautiful game of League of Legends. Nevertheless, I ask you this: have you ever been bullied out of a lane by a 450ip or 1350ip champion? Has this champions stun ever lasted more than what feels like a year? and have you, my fellow summoners, ever raged so hard in one game then in the next game you just turn around and play these types of champions just to make people feel bad? Ya bunch of hypocrites! Only joking calm down {{champion:17}} Jokes, fook dis guy! Anyhoo, of course i am talking about {{champion:1}} and {{champion:22}} and any other champion that takes no damn skill to master yet is so much more overpowered than an {{champion:268}} main. Not too recently within patch 7.21 Azir's abilities were decreased by roughly 5%. Now as an Azir main i was quite unable to comprehend Riot's thought behind this decision? With the possible exception of {{champion:64}}, {{champion:268}} is perhaps that hardest champion to master with all of his extreme handling, angles and precision. In saying this, when mastered he can be so very very annoying to lane against if he gets an early kill and snowballs, however, that is beside the point. Ask yourself, what is it that makes these 450Ip and 1350Ip champions so hard to deal with? Not too long ago i was in a game where i was playing {{champion:268}} in the middle lane and funnily enough i was versing {{champion:1}}. Now, prior to level 6 {{champion:268}} and {{champion:1}} s trades are fairly even taking into consideration your starting health, mana and power/ability distribution. Speaking solely about {{champion:1}} it only takes her one item to ruin your game and that is {{item:3165}}. {{champion:1}} can just stun you, set you alit and then ult your ass ergo effectively snowballing the entire match from this point onwards. Specifically speaking, this is not the only matchup of champions where this is a detrimental deficit Riot. So many more uneven variables come into play when discussing this issue but the point i am trying to portray for the community is - even when 6300ip and 4800ip champions are mastered to the closest pinnacle you could, why are 450ip and 1350ip champions so much more unbalanced and powerful than these champions that desire so much more attention and time to master? For example, why is {{champion:17}} so much stronger than {{champion:64}}? and why does {{champion:75}} s Q destroy {{champion:39}}? In a nutshell, Riot, nerf the champions that need nerfing like {{champion:1}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:17}} and {{champion:11}} etc. not the champions that already struggle on the rift.
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