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Hi all! I have been playing League of Legends Since early season 3 and I'm just wondering how in this day and age we still have click on poke in the game? One example is Pantheon. Very frustrating champion to lane against. Click on poke, click on stun. Wouldn't something as simple as make his Q a skill shot be an easy fix? Something similar to what they did with Ryze? Another example is Malphite. Can just click on you all lane phase. These champions are obviously not unbeatable however in my opinion some of the fun gets taken out of the game when you can get clicked on all lane phase with arcane comet or something. Theres no out-play potential/dodging a click on ability. In my opinion some of the most fun you can have in League of legends is out playing your opponent and dodging their abilities and I believe some unnecessary click on on champions remove this from the game. I understand some champions need click on abilities to function but I also believe there are a few champions that turning their poke into a skill shot is a very easy simple fix. Champions I find most frustrating in lane due to click ons- Pantheon, Malphite, Gangplank. Does anyone else share these thoughts? Let me know please! Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback. Thanks all! -SIickey
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