Looking for champions that have the most diversity in their roles!

So, I'm trying to figure out the best champions for multiple roles. Preferably ones that can be competitive by mid-game in at least 4/5 of the roles. (5/5 would be great, but more difficult given the difference between mid and adc.) - I am not seeking to do ranked with this, I often play in casual drafted and am simply curious of the options out there for it. I understand most champions, if brought into 4 different roles, will likely have to play safer than usual to survive in some lanes. The most I want out of the pick is to be able to survive in the lane until one can get the items to be competitive, and not be outright considered a troll pick. Atm I'm testing Kayle out. She is good in top lane, decent in mid, okay in jungle and is possible as a support, but her ADC game seems to be lacking pretty considerably given her very weak early game and she can't be a very competitive jungle(in most cases) do to the weak start as well. Thoughts and suggestions are all welcome!
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