Recently, I've become a huge fan of ARAM. I've been playing league for close to 3 years now, not that long in comparison to many others, however long enough to have experienced a lot of the good and bad that comes with LoL. The worst, I've found, is when team mates can't keep their mouths shut when they mess up or when they have an issue with something. These people can send your whole team on tilt ONE person in mid lane who over steps and is killed - blames it on a " failed gank " from their jungler and then goes on to flame for the rest of the game, making the rest of the team distracted, irritated and agitated. Now, you can say " just mute " or " Ignore them ", which is perfectly valid. What I'm talking specifically about is the mentality behind it and trying to prevent these people from ever getting to that "Tilt" Keep your teams spirits high. This doesn't require speaking or " chatting " it requires a show of strong and decisive leadership from those who can take that position. IE BOT LANE AND JUNGLE. These three, should be able to carry the game practically by themselves with the right team work. I have more to say on this topic though I'd really like to share it in conversation with others who have been thinking about this. This happens not only in Rift but also in ARAM where your team has been dealt a low poke but high engage team, and the enemy team has heaps of poke and very little engage. The simplest answer to that is WORK AS A TEAM, REACT QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY AND ALWAYS RELY ON YOURSELF FIRST AND THEN THE REST OF YOUR TEAM.{{champion:43}}
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