You can't solo carry anymore

I just got out of a game where I went 20/4 Kayn, easy game easy life, right? Wrong Lately it has just been so painful. I'll go jungle, pick a champion I think i'm somewhat good at, and crush the enemy team HARD. But then one of my laners feeds 0/8 to the CAITLYN and I can't chase her down before she right clicks me. I'm not complaining about the caitlyn, I'm complaining about the Vayne and Orianna that fed her so digustingly that i could no longer carry. Not to mention their Yi got pretty strong from them too. Vayne was dancing in base when she was 0/5 complaining about if she didn't get autofilled the she would be 2250 cs at 20 mins and have 25 kills and solo carry easily while our first time Ori wasn't that toxic she was just not great, which makes sense since she's first time, but you shouldn't play a champ first time in a pvp game. Okay i'm done venting but can we acknowledge that it's much easier to lose a game for your team than to win one?
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