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Just looking for some help in order to help me climb. Basically I struggle to analyse what my win condition is and how to abuse that for example. I just had a game where I play Cass in the Mid lane into a brand. First of all I know brand needs to get 3 spells on me to active his passive which deals dmg I also know that his W will be his main poke followed by a Q to stun me shortly after the E comes as it can bounce from minions so my order here (in my head) was to take cleanse this way if I do manage to get hit by the W Q I can cleanse and get out quick enough negating some of his dmg. (thats basically my knowledge of the fight everything else is a blur) I watched a lot of skillcapped videos and they're analysing everything fight at the start of every video about the match up and then they put in a plan to work towards my question is basically how do I get to the point to be able to analyse that much so I can put in a plan such as Okay I want to shove first get level advantage and trade with brand when he uses W to waveclear as its on a 12 second cd at level 1. I don't know how to do this every game and I get that with time it will come but it only will come if I know what i'm basically looking for so part 2 question is there a formula that is like a guide line for example if you're vsing a burst mage such as syndra would there be a guideline to just follow until it all falls into place etc? And another question about CS/Trading. Again another one that comes with time I don't expect to just improve over night but I need to know what to look for to improve basically my question is I can punish the laner for going for that cs by the bare minimum of throwing an auto or even better a Q (using Cass again as example) and get some poke on them thats fine but if I do that I feel as though I lose out as some times I just don't manage to hit my own creep and secure the gold but they do. Sure they lose some health and I get a health lead but then I guess my question becomes what do I do with a health lead how can I abuse that? Should I just let him push and ask for a gank? Anyway if anyone wants to leave their 2 cents that would be appreciated i'm doing my best to try and climb as I want to earn my rank but I don't want to be stuck in Silver/Gold for another season so any and all help would be good even if you would like to sit down with me and go over a replay with me to tell me what I could or done and help me set out what my gameplan should of been that way I can get a better explanation etc if that is something you have time for and would like to do please add me Shankš (to get the š its ALT 0154) Thank you again for any help
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