Elise Of Cassiopeia?

Yo so I can’t decide which champion to buy. I want both of them honestly but BE takes a long time to get and I’m around level 90 so leveling up takes a while. I don’t want to spend money because I don’t like spending money on games. I usually play jungle and I need an AP Jungler for my champion pool and I played Elise on free rotation for last week and I really enjoyed her. I haven’t tried out Cassiopeia but she looks really cool and is strong now, her being a snake also kinda fits my username. {{champion:60}}: I like Elise because she’s honestly a pretty cool champion. She has a good cc and very high damage. I love how she has 7 abilities, the things you can do with Rappel and plays you can make with your Coccoon such as predicting flashes. She’s just a cool champion in general. {{champion:69}}: I like Cassiopeia also because she’s pretty cool as well. Her being a snake fits my username and I really like aggressive champions because I have a really aggressive playstyle. I don’t know I really just wanna play her because she’s cool and strong at the moment and I love making outplays. Plus I really want to improve my weaving, mana management, landing skillshots, mechanics in general and want to find a fun champion to invest time into.

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