Lulu/Sona + windspeaker + ardent censor + athenes + zekes + locket

+ 15% heals and shields + Armour and MR + 15% heals and shields + 15% as + 35 on hit dmg + extra heal on blood charges + 50% critical chance + MR aura + extra shield combine this with Lulus + shield + 35% as + x on hit dmg for crazy single target dmg (because ADCs don't do enough dmg already) or sonas + health + shield + next hit dmg (for crazy team damage and shielding (If you have a team that benefits from AS)) I know crucible is better but if you trusted adc to dodge most cc and they built QSS... does this not sound like it would wipe enemies off the face of the earth? You would be a bit squishy so you would have to play really safe and hope they don't have assassins. I know the 15%'s probably stack multiplicity right? Thoughts?

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