Sooo the qss nerfs are coming out soon and well there needs to be new items to build it into like one time in lck the shoutcasters said in a maokia top vs trundle support that the maokia is stuck with an akward item mercurial scimitar at late game, and he can't get rid of it else the trundle will be 100% unkillable. This made me think that there needs to be a qss item for each role. one for adc's (merc) one for ap mages (makes different build paths than the aura item and zhonyas) and one for pure tanks (because really it sounds odd having a maokia/rammus being forced into getting 65 attack damage and 10% life steal along with the actul part they need out of the item: the mr and active) This Qss thing needs to happen, qss buildpaths shouldn't just be limited to only 1 role

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