Patch 9.2 Leak, Jungle Exp loss/changes

Season 8 already was a large and meta changing time for the Jungle with LvL2 Red Buff Ganks becoming common and seen as effective or 'Over Effective' (by Riot) in the last half of the season, this being the case something may have been done with the overpowering extras of the Red buff (HP regen, Slows on enemies plus an extra amount of damage). Which would have been understandable however, the case in point is that Riot is reducing the amount of Exp gained throughout the game from Jungle camps of 150% to a huge 125% NOW for those who don't Jungle or play those lvl 2 gank Champs this might not seem like a big deal but for out of meta Champs or AP focused Junglers this is highly infuriating and only giving a buff to the LvL 2 gank strong Champs instead of Balancing the effectiveness or nerfing it some, this only largens the gap of the meta Junglers and doesn't reward the players who enjoy or uses strategies when gaining CS for a power spike or to as seen in pro games lets a path set up properly for a gank or to get ahead, and to catch up from behind/bad start. So Riot don't change the Exp gained, please this will ensure some Champs are still played and Jungle doesn't become a slow and low populated role.
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