The Rambling's of a Lowly Bronzie

This might just be coming from my own turmoil but when you get penalized more than you get rewarded when it comes to win/loses I think that is just asking for people to get more salty and angry. When Riot is trying to encourage good sportsmanlike behavior and teamwork but they penalize losses with greater force than rewarding wins then its just creating more tension than is needed. Due to my own Stupidity I played my 10 promo games pretty much straight after I reached lv30 and I still managed to win 3 and place in Bronze III where I thought I would only rise in ranks as soon as my game experience grew, boy was I wrong and I quickly found myself in Bronze VI never to see Bronze III again. I have now won a considerable amount of Ranked games for only playing for like 3-4 months but yet I still find myself stuck in bronze VI (why?) well I personally believe its due to a few reasons. 1 is due to wins and losses being left up to way more than just personal skill as Riot seems to want to push Teamwork in our faces more and more (which I have no problem with btw) so even if you are a good player on ur own you dont always get consistent wins due to having 4 other team members who must also work together to insure victory. the second I think is due to losses being far too harsh, especially when I finally reached Bronze IV and was losing 22LP when I lost but only gaining like 17LP when I won so in the end I dropped back down and this has happened more than once. I pride myself as trying to be one of the least salty players in the Bronze Division and always make sure to congratulate the victory of the other team and wish them good luck when the game starts. I propose that Riot Rewards Teamwork and Victory more than they Discipline Defeat especially in Bronze and maybe even Silver. I know this might seem like it would make it ways easier to climb the ranks and that may be so but only for some people you would still need to win the promos but it would just make it easier to get to that point without having to have like a 5-6 win streak whenever you wanted to attempt to climb a rank. keep the ratio for the Higher ranks but at least allow those stuck at the bottom a chance to improve their situation by rewarding teamwork and victory. I think this would help improve the Bronze community just a little bit more by making losses seem less harsh but not getting rid of the desire to win completely. Take this as you will people because this does just come from a person who finds himself wondering if he deserves a better rank, and maybe that's not the case but it is harder to climb when you win 3 in a row only to lose 1 game and find yourself having to win another 2 or three just to get back to a similar position especially when some matches win/loss factor is entirely out of your control due to being on a team of 5 people that all need to work together to win
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