Ahri can use a little buff

(Q) from 40/65/90/115/140 +35%AP to 55/80/100/125/160 +40%AP (W) from 40/65/90/115/140 +30%AP to 50/70/95/120/150 +35%AP, but the second does 25% less damage then the first and the third does 35% less damage than the first (R) from 70/110/150 +25%AP to 70/135/180 +30%AP a shorter cool down too, 110/95/80 to 100/85/70 thats it really, flame it if you want but i just think she should do a little more and thats fine, shell be a better pick, right now shes an alright champ. she could even have 343 movement speed instead of 330, and a bit more base mana from 334 to like 350, and max its like 1284 instead of 1184... more base AD. those are not as important at all, cant buff everything she has and making her w useful and q stronger by a little and r by more than a little is all she needs.
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