How to raise hidden elo (+15lp, -21lp)

Ok so pretty much here's my story. So season6 I started playing league, it was only around June-ish that I started competitive, and probably like everyone I sucked ass. Went 2/8 in my promos, somehow placed Bronze 2 and just lost from there. I stayed in Bronze 3 for a while until eventually I went on a MASSIVE loss streak and demoted to Bronze 4 0lp, and you guessed it, I quit. But not so much quite but took a break from League. Season 7 rolled around and I decided to have another crack at league. went 3/7 in my promos which didn't really matter, I still was only able to get Bronze 5. But something sparked in me, and I started actually climbing. It only took me a week to really get back in the swing of things, and after a 5 win streak, I got my promos, went W-L-W and got Bronze 4. But it only went downhill from there, I basically play 4 games and lost all of them, making my elo low enough for me to only gain 15-18 and losing around 21 lp. So far my highest win streak from there so far is 4 games, which I then lost won, and won 2, despite that I'm still standing at this elo. Here's my question. What exactly is it going to take to be back at an elo where my 50%-ish win rate will actually mean something in that I'll be climbing. Pretty much my normal gain and loss being 21+, 15-.
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