Rito milking the skin sales again

So, Star Guardian lux a month or so ago, just over.. Now we're getting elemental lux as an ultimate... my prediction is.... with the rework of assassins, we'll see a bunch of new 1350+ skins released to tickle peoples fancy whilst playing the assassin craze to death till its rebalanced whilst things like "Taunt mechanics" and what you can do with concept of "tanks/taunters" abilities in game (shen and rammus are still forgotten champs, Shen's not really even played period outside of aram by choice due to the lack of Q poke and him being energy starved all the time if he doesnt hit something) im sure some link to stats will try to prove me wrong, but to the day to day solid player that likes a hard fun game not a casual steam roll.. no sir, we don't see them. Fakers trying to bring back galio so we'll see him poorly played till he's forgotten and Faker realizes (probably already does) on a world competitive level Galio at present doesnt work with his huge CD to his ulti that if it doesn't land/gain a kill or two for team.... you're near useless other than some mild support which again, on top pro level, is ignorable at present. So, we're likely to see a bunch more assassin skins over the next couple of months whilst champs like Jhin only have 1, Swain has 3 whilst annie has 8 and a hextech legendary..... handy info found to save time.... and relates to this annoying craze Riot has with just releasing popular champs with skins for cash not just to spread out the creative love across all champs... Before i show you the list here are the 20 champions with the most skins: These include "traditional skins and free skins acquired through non-rp means" Annie: 9 Gragas: 9 Jax: 9 Ryze: 9 Twisted Fate: 9 Alistar: 8 Amumu: 8 Blitzcrank: 8 Dr. Mundo: 8 Ezreal: 8 Fiddlesticks: 8 Katarina: 8 Kog'Maw: 8 Miss Fortune: 8 Nidalee: 8 Sivir: 8 Teemo: 8 Tryndamere: 8 Veigar: 8 Warwick: 8 And here are the 15 champions with the least amount of skins: Illaoi: 1 Jhin: 1 Kindred: 1 Tahm Kench: 2 Azir: 2 Bard: 2 Diana: 2 Kalista: 2 Kha'Zix: 2 Lissandra: 2 Rek'Sai: 2 Vel'Koz: 2 Yorick: 2 Im sure thats not 110% accurate to date now however... It gives a general idea.... Now on top of that, instead of actually creating new content for champs that need it lets just RELEASE CHROMA PACKS FOR POPULAR CHAMPS TO COLLECT LOOSE 250RP cmon RIOT.... your decision process is steadily declining to the point, i really question how much further as a company you can manage to go on your own before the community just abandons ship. Sooner or later some Korean company will just release its own MOBA and take its countries market back away from you. Riot... Have you noticed one of the biggest franchises in modern gaming is close to losing its community already and may have to fold because a lack of preordering? Don't be like Activision thinking you can milk your players forever. CoD is dying, you can die too. Moba as a genre will stick, people will just remake the engine and reskin, rename the champions ranging from Dota 1, HoN, LoL and Dota 2 for that "familiar feel" and give the gaming community what they want and just just laugh their asses off.
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