Idea to Combat Leavers...

Hi guys and girls, In a nutshell Ranked Lockouts for any sort of AFK, DC etc. I imagine the following three cases; 1. DC < 5 min no punishment. 2. If someone has DCed for a short amount of time and reconnects to the game, they have a 24 hour Ranked Queue lock out. 3. If someone DC&#039;s/AFKs and does not come back, they have a week lockout from Ranked Queue. ____ In respect to good players, - If you DC for more than 5 min I think it&#039;s fair to say you are adversely effecting a game. 24 hours to norms to sort stuff out I believe is fair - What if it&#039;s on Rito&#039;s end/bug splat etc? Once again, if you are having these issue which are lasting more than 5 min regardless if it&#039;s your fault, you should stick to norms till you know its ironed out. - If you have to leave for an emergency; it happens, and if it something that rarely happens then you should be be able to accept the one-off one week penalty. ___ Love to hear your feedback, Skyprus
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