Now i have been playing league of legends for about 2 years now i think its time to say something about the game for playing it for hours becuase i love the game and there are some bad things about it like the op champs in league of legends i feel like i can name alot and i know that any champion has the power to become a monster but if you good with someone like lee sin who takes skill then your good at him you know but those people who are just lvl 3 and go into a game as master yi and get 3 pentas now thats just wrong riot i swear if yi dosent get atleast 4 penta kills in a game then he gets reported for being unskilled but really there are so many champs that need a rework like lets see yorick he needs some new things and that rework on malzahar just made it easier for more noobs to come in and get more penta kills as champions that take nearly no skill at the game the rework for malzahar is just more cancer his ult not onlt roots but also places that magic damage circle thing and he gets a free pet when ever he wants and not only that but he can become a god with his passive becuase idk you done fucked up riot games now listen champs that need a rework like yorick and the old champs thats fine but if your gonna make something more op then it already was then please think about the players that rework made him stronger not weaker so riot please atleast make it so he cant silence i know you probably wont see this message but to everyone who took there time into reading this sincerly KST ULTRA PS league of legends is my favorite game and i will still play it but just read this to inprove your game thanks if you want to support
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