Diana, Ekko or Kha'Zix in jungle?

I want a new champion to jungle, i was thinking one of these four, i just want the pros and cons of each, and your reccomendation. I want to be able to queue jungle/mid or jungle/top so maybe ekko or diana? Idk. I've played all of them and love all of them. I realise that ekko and kz got buffed recently so maybe them. I want to carry my trash bronze 4 team so take that into account. I like assassin/fighters and versatility, so that i have a bunch of different options for a lot of circumstances. There tend to be a lot of full ad teams so if i get an AP first then the enemy team would be forced to either build mr just for me or build armour for my team, right? Take everything into account please and if you can try not to make a biased decision, though i woudn't really mind, i want it from a neutral point of view OR, should i get fizz to just go with my current junglers (Yi, Vi, Gragas[occasionally]etc...) and save up for others later? Basically, what order should i get them in and why? If you need any clarification PM me or ask here. Thanks, P.S. I know i am asking a lot out of you guys, but thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have, replying to it.
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