Good mid & top lane champions to climb, and questions

Just wondering if there are any good “climbing champions” to get to silver with in mid. I play twisted fate, Kassadin and ekko atm. Had a 8 win streak with TF and have a decent win rate with him. Does this mean I should keep playing him? Also I frequently go into games and get too self absorbed in the game and forget everything that I have learnt therefore not play how I should. Any tips on this? Also any good top lane champs as it is my second role. And how do I deal with players who clearly don’t understand the game. For instance I had a top laner that was say 0/4 and keep trying to get kills even though he was behind. Like he could have literally played passive farmed up and even become ahead item wise but instead trying to get kills. Like I kno I’m bronze but I feel like I have decent knowledge of the game past bronze. I feel like most bronze players just want kills and “objectives” are not a thing. And they don’t understand the importance of wards and positioning on the map. A lot of the time I feel like no one listens to you in chat and/or just tilts so easily. Most of the time it feels like it’s luck if I get a brain dead team or not. Anytips on how to deal with this and get people to work together and play the game properly? Sorry for the paragraph and rambling on but I really need an opinion on this. Thanks for reading.
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