Help me out here....... pretty unlucky week

So you know, after finally reaching lv30, i was excited as sh1t because i could finally play ranked. After 10 hard games i only got 2 wins, but for some godforsaken reason, i got silver 5, i was genuinely surprised, with the out come and i thought jebus loved me or some sh1t. We'll this excitement died pretty soon, ive played 4 games and lost them all so far. the first one i played jax and went 10-4-9, and we even got barron but half of my team was dead, and we couldnt really capitalize of barron and we lost. RIP the second game i tried to correct my mistakes i made in the first game and tried to gank overextended lanes more frequently, which worked out quite well, but you know being the unlucky me our toplaners ping spiked to 900 and he couldnt really do jack all, and worst of all it, turns out that my adc cant kite properly , and his support was ranting in chat about it, so being the nice guy i went there to help, but sadly the support was right and the adc couldnt kite for sh1t and the gank failed hard ( he just stood there and like did pretty much nothing while me and the support was tryharding). third game, there was a glitch in the lobby which wouldnt let me select my runes so i had to restart, my LP was put on -3 ( not really a game but u get the idea) fourth game for the first time i went support blitz and my adc was a plat 5 smurf, i was so happy but then our midlaner went like 0-6-0 to a zed before the 20 min mark which really triggered the smurf causing him to go afk. so we had no adc and a fed zed, GREAT. After talking to a few friends, i found out that if i lose 1-2 more game will be demoted to bronze 1, which is disaster. I know this whole text doenst really mean much, so please dont get salty and call me a piece of trash. Ive been watching some of my game play to see where i went wrong and ive been trying to correct them to the best of my ability. However if this kind of situation was to happen in the next game i play, theres a high chance of me deranking, so if any experienced players who are willing to share some of their knowledge/ help me, it would be highly appreciated. Also i know this is really out of context but if u are low silver in OCE and want to play with me hit me up, ill be more than willing to LuckyMonster
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