Kassadin? (I Know)

Short post. Just wanted to say that Kassadin could have a stronger sustain lane if his W restored mana per hit like Jayce in Hammer Form. I find his high mana costs early game and low damage really puts him apart from most mid laners. Early game his mana isn't that high either so even with close to 0 Mana he only restores about 100 Mana (aka 1 Spell) before becoming OOM again. If he was able to restore like 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 mana per hit just so he can have that extra mana sutain in the early game and maybe double if he kills a unit. He doesn't have to gain an incredible amount like 10 ( x 2) but something like 4 - 6 per hit would be really neat ^.^
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