The Right Champion For Me?

I've made quite a few posts about this and out of all of them I've never found my main. I have countless champions with Level 4 Masteries (except for Draven) and then I just move onto another champion. I don't know what I enjoy as I mained Wukong, Gnar, Draven, Vayne, Xayah, Zed and many more champions. I love CC, tanks, damage and just everything. I feel like the meta also changes my mains but I hate that. Constantly switching my main when I just want to stick to one champion. It's frustrating. I get to a skill of a champion and then I just move on and I've made 0 progress and all that time was for nothing. I've considered many champions bt then I just reject them like Jhin. I love Jhin's kit. But I hate his reloading and how slow he is. I like ADC's but I always die. I love Tanks for CC and engages but I do 0 damage and have almost no mobility. I love Assassins for the shit tons of damage but they are squishy and can't sustain much in teamfights. I'm actually thinking of quitting this game because of the fact that I can't find a champion I like. I've tried everything, every role, most champions and I've spent quite a lot of money. Please.
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