Aatrox or Vayne?

So I have racked up some impressive ip over the weekend but only have enough for one of these two champs... I need help in deciding so I'll give you guys an overview of my options. I am used to playing top lane bruisers and assassins (Rango, Zed, Yasuo) and am quite comfortable with them however I also want to expand my adc pool (which is limited to Ashe and Lucian this point in time) while including a champ with legendary outplay potential... Plus killing tanks like Garen/Vi seems fun however Aatrox can outsustain most fighters (two sides of the same coin, they both counter different popular picks) also Vayne is very limited in how she can approach encounters like these ( 1 roll, no real escape and requires you to stay to stack damage). It is weird being stuck like this because I want to get Aatrox to add to my roster of fighters (his LS and damage balance is really cool) and Vayne who is an adc that spanks enemy laners which get too close (and an adc in general which I lack in my current champ pool) Anyways, based off this information (and any I may tell you if you ask questions) what do you think I should take? Or should I just get another rune page? LMAO
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