Is the new Talon going to remain a mid-laner or is he now a jungler?

After watching some youtube videos of the new Talon rework, I made a decision to view other people's opinion on the update and saw that they were saying that Talon would be a jungler now, thanks to his new kit. Looking at it, it doesn't make much sense that Talon is going to the jungle. Your new passive is definitely a mid lane tool as it is very similar to an Ekko passive/Vel'Koz Passive. His updated Q allows him to jump into the fight or critically strike his opponent if in melee range. I think most people think he'll be a jungler i because of his new E, which allows him to parkour any terrain in the game, although the terrain is put on cooldown. This E would be great for ganks but since mid lane ganks anyway, what's the point of taking him jungle? So is the new Talon still a mid laner or a jungler?
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