Veigar Ult overrules Dragon Immunity - TFT

So, you're sitting in a game of TFT, your opponent, being the cheese player he is, goes full yordle. You get to top 3, you have double Dragon Buff, and they have Gold Veigar, Veigar ults and one shots them, because they're a rank lower (or in this case, one silver, one bronze), Explain to me, how the Dragon Buff (Which is Full Magic Immunity) is overruled by Veigars MAGIC DAMAGE ultimate. Somewhere along the lines you've seriously fucked up your coding Dragon Buff States - You have immunity to all incoming Magic Damage Veigar Ultimate States - Instantly Kills a champion any Rank lower than the Veigar Last i checked, Veigar Ultimate IS MAGIC DAMAGE, therefore Dragons Should be immune, regardless of effect, otherwise whats the point of building dragons, if you can just build a veigar and still kill them
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