I didn't do anything wrong and my account has been permanently suspended.

Hey guys I got an account level 30 of course I bought many skins on this account. I've never let people know my password to anyone, I've never used any 3rd programs. Last month someone hacked my account. The hacker topped up 5 dollars and bought Jhin with my RP and topped up 5 dollars again. (My rp was over 500 but dropped to 400 rp after that) And that guy played one rank game and won it with Ezreal. I knew that after 4days. So I changed my password, I verified my email, and I changed my password of email account. 2days ago I received from riot that my account has been permanently suspended for using 3rd programs. Which I never used it. So I went to their site (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201898070-My-Account-is-Suspended#h1q2) to recover and to tell them that my account has been hacked last month and that guy did use the 3rd program. I talked about my payments before cause I live in New Zealand so I always paid with NZD and the guy paid 10$ with AUD. And talked about IP addresses. I wrote over 1000 words and submitted 2days ago and last night I got a reply which was just a macro reply. It just says my account used the program and said it's my responsible to secure my account. I'm very frustrated about this cause I didn't do anything wrong and my account is banned. What do you guys think about this?
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