I just keep getting either a mid a top or a jg that is missing a brain legit having a GOLD Garen top lane loosing both towers or to a MID Irelia that goes 0/14 that laughs and says its JUST A GAME, good job riot for Creating a fair and JUST ranked system were people boost others and legit people buy ACCOUNTS set at higher levels (YET PLAY AT A IRON LEVEL) and i don't wanna see that comment u CAN STILL WIN (YOU CANT SOME GAMES MAJORITY OF THE TIME ITS A NO) or the percentage is alot higher to win "i do call bullshit on that" I want to grow i play other lanes i learnt EVERY LANE but the chance or getting trolls or someone that has NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY THE GAME AND RIOT HAS HANDED THEM A PLAT OR GOLD RANK is ridiculous (or maybe they just brought a account) this game does not make me happy to play ranked i wanna get higher as a CHAMP but i cannot CAUSE I WILL WIN MY LANE and have to run TO OTHERS because they are 0/14 or i even have to BAN YASUO every game BECAUSE NO ONE in GOLD and BELOW has the brain skill to play him correctly so i cant even ban a champ i want to, i am banning because the 99 percent chance if u LOOK AT MY MATCH HISTORY YOU WILL SEE EVERY YASUO has a higher death rate by 60 percent to a Kill or assist... Legit you need to actually monitor players in ranked if they fuck up you punish them like anything else ban em from it UNLESS evidence is given to support the relevant cause. Players are just now Win Trading, Boosting Other Accounts. I feel like this game just lives of how many is playing compared to how many actually enjoy the game. you know MORE would stay IF there was a legit system in place. this is not just me ....

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