Taliyah's New W Cast

So what are your guys thoughts on Taliyah's new W cast? When they announced that her W cast was going to be like Viktor's E and Rumble's ult I was looking forward to it. However, when I played her now, the W just doesn't feel right. Either it's lacking something or I've gotten used to her previous W. I think that when using her W she either needs the circle showing where her ability is going to be because when I use her W at the edge of the indicator I can't tell where my limits are (because it wouldn't work most of the time). Also when casting it you have to be really quick about it because I want to also click as soon as I cast it (to dodge skillshots and what not) but when I do it cancels it and I find it really annoying. Anyway, I was just wondering about your thoughts. I know it only came out pretty recently but still I thought it would be a bit easier.

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